The Paris Sisters: The Complete Phil Spector Sessions

The Paris Sisters
The Complete Phil Spector Sessions

The Paris Sisters were the first girl group to have a major hit Produced by Phil Spector.  Their ballad, “I Love How You Love Me,” was a top five pop smash during the fall of 1961 and marked the beginning of the girl group era. This CD features the A & B sides of all five singles produced by Phil Spector, and is the first time these songs have appeared together on CD, most for the first time ever.

Track List:
1  Be My Boy
2  I’ll Be Crying Tomorrow
3  I Love How You Love Me
4  All Through The Night
5  He Knows I Love Him Too Much
6  A Lonely Girl’s Prayer
7  Let Me Be The One
8  What Am I to Do?
9  Yes-I Love You
10 Once Upon A While Ago
Bonus Track:
11  I Love How You Love Me
(stereo mix by Tom Moulton)


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