Billy Cobham, Palindrome

Billy Cobham, Palindrome

Billy Cobham is acclaimed as fusion’s greatest drummer.  His explosive technique powered some of the genre’s most important early recordings — including groundbreaking efforts by Miles Davis and the Mahavishnu Orchestra — before he became an accomplished bandleader in his own right

Palindrome is the second installment in Billy Cobham’s “Fruit From The Loom” series, and his first U.S, release in several years. The album features guest performances by Ernie Watts – Woodwinds, Michael Rodriguez – Trumpet, Marshall Gilkes – Trombone, Jean-Marie Ecay and Dean Brown at Guitars, Philippe Chayeb – Bass, Wilbert ‘Junior Gill Steel Pan and PanKat, Christophe Cravero – Keyboards and Violin and Marco Lobo – Percussion.

The tracks on Palindrome represent Billy’s Cobham’s re-engagement with the music he created as far back as 30 years ago: songs like “Moon Germs,” “A Days Grace,” are presented in updated arrangements along with “Two For Juan,” “Alfa Waves,” and “Mirage.” Rounding out this musical portfolio are never-before-released compositions: “Obliquely Speaking,” “Isle Of Skye,”  “Cancun Market,” “Torpedo Flo” and “Saippuakivikaupias.”

Track List:
1 Moon Germs
2 Two For Juan
3 Obliquely Speaking
4 Isle Of Skye
5 A Day’s Grace
6 Mirage
7 Cancun Market
8 Torpedo Flo
9 Alfa Waves

Billy Cobham’s Official Website:


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